Nordson EFD

Fluid Dispensing Solutions for medical manufacturing, diagnostic kits, pharma production

Nordson EFD specializes in designing and manufacturing precision fluid dispensing systems for a wide range of assembly processes, from benchtop to automated assembly lines. Our dispensing systems ensure consistent application of adhesive, lubricant, or other fluids to each part, helping manufacturers across various industries enhance throughput, improve quality, and reduce production costs. We also offer top-quality syringe barrels and cartridges for packaging one- and two-component materials.

In the Life Science sector, we deliver precision fluid dispensing solutions tailored to meet the requirements of medical device, diagnostic systems, and pharmaceutical drug production. Our advanced dispensing systems accurately apply UV-cure adhesives, cyanoacrylates, silicones, and other critical fluids used in medical device assembly, as well as reagents, wax, and other fluids essential in diagnostics systems manufacturing. EFD's precision systems also support the pharmaceutical industry by streamlining production processes and ensuring high-quality drug manufacturing. All materials and manufacturing procedures undergo thorough documentation for traceability and process validation, and most molding, machining, assembly, and packaging is conducted in our certified silicone-free facilities.

In the production of medical devices, Nordson EFD offers both manual and semi-automated fluid dispensing solutions, depending on the specific requirements.

The UltimusPlus™ line of pneumatic benchtop dispensers is designed to meet the most stringent fluid dispensing needs of today’s highly precise medical device manufacturing. They can apply virtually any kind of fluids dispensed with syringe barrels manually or on automated systems. Where a higher degree of process control is required, this dispenser family can facilitate easier and more efficient operation of the fluid dispensing process by offering compatibility with Ethernet, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), enabling the potential for more direct machine/process interconnectivity.  

Among the semi-automated fluid dispensing solutions, the GV Series offers market-leading dimensional positional accuracy and deposit placement repeatability.

When paired with the working area of 400 mm x 400 mm, the GVPlus family of fluid dispensing robots offers greater versatility to configure for different types of applications. Enhancements to the CCD smart vision camera deliver high quality images even on challenging surfaces like glass, mirrors, plastics, and non-transparent clear surfaces.

Our jetting solutions can offer high level of speed in dispensing 0.5mL at 1000Hz continuous, without sacrificing accuracy in the amount applied; this is particularly important for high-quality, high-throughput needle bonding applications. With the PICO Nexus Jetting Systems manufacturers can connect, control and monitor jetting (no-contact dispensing) functions using Industrial Ethernet protocols from a human machine interface (HMI) of their choice at the point of dispense or remotely.   

Our 797PCP-2K Volumetric Pumps provide highly precise, continuous volumetric dispensing with 2K fluid volume accuracy at +/- 1% for exceptional process control. They meet the requirements of Industry 4.0 with the 7197PCP-DIN-NX controller allowing operators to control all volumetric dispensing parameters directly from a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) or other manufacturing plant controller. This saves time by allowing the operator to program multiple fluid dispensing controllers from a centralized location and change dispensing parameters “on the fly” at any point.

Nordson EFD's 754V aseptic dispense valve features a smooth fluid flow path that is free of any entrapment areas. FDA-compliant wetted parts make the valve suitable for CIP (Clean-In-Place) and SIP (Sterilize-In-Place) medical assembly processes.


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