New style of safety workstation announced

Bigneat has announced Optiflow, a new style of safety workstation. The company emphasises in the choice of name for its new workstation that this recently developed recirculatory filtration fume system has consistent airflow, ensuring the integrity of the ‘working safe-zone’ and providing the user with unhindered accessibility.

Most laboratories follow ‘good practice’ guidelines and staff are encouraged to use safety hoods for the handling of chemicals and powders that might become airbourne and potentially contaminate the working environment. Occassionally however it may not be convenient or possible to undertake a procedure in a hood. In Bigneat’s continuing quest to supply equipment to improve safety in the laboratory, to provide cost effective, convenient, fume and particle removal for staff who need at-the-bench safety, it has announced the launch of Optiflow. 

Optiflow is a small bench-mounted ductless fume cabinet/downflow bench/hood/workstation (whatever you prefer to call it) that protects the user from chemical vapours, fumes or particles depending which type of filtration is chosen. Carbon filtration retains chemical fumes and vapours and HEPA filtration retains dusts and particules. 

The solution provides unrestricted access for procedures and handlings that are difficult to perform within a standard fume cabinet and because it is a ductless system, this compact and portable unit can be installed onto an existing work surface, located where it is most needed.

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