New segment cleaning solutions

I Holland, manufacturer of tablet punches and dies for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries, has announced the launch of new die table segment cleaning equipment to help the industry clean faster and more effectively by using a repeatable process.

The ultrasonic cleaner is equipped with a specially designed fixture which holds the segment safely and securely within the tank and leave the bores unobstructed to ensure effective cleaning of the entire segment. The pivot design allows for an easy drying and drainage process, and the basket coating prevents scratching and damage.

Alex Bunting from I Holland said: “As a trusted name in the industry it was only natural that I Holland would introduce a product specifically designed to clean die table segments. I Holland Segment Cleaning also effectively cleans tablet punches and dies using a method that provides repeatable cleaning results. The ultrasonic cleaner easily removes contaminants such as granule residue or grease from every surface leaving equipment spotless and ready for use.

“Importantly, it is an automated repeatable process that has time and cost saving advantages when compared to other methods like manual cleaning. The goal has always been to help clients improve their products, quality and processes through the use of innovative products. I Holland Segment Cleaning has strengthened our portfolio and added a new dimension to our product offering.”

The I Holland Segment Cleaning system is nearly 6 times faster when compared to manual cleaning. To successfully clean 220 punches and 5 segments, the automatic ultrasonic cleaner will effectively clean in just 1 hour, compared to 6 hours 10 minutes using a manual method.

The system is effective at removing contaminant from every surface and geometry of the tooling equipment including small spaces and crevices to ensure tooling equipment is critically cleaned and ready for use.


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