New portable micro gas chromatograph

Agilent Technologies has introduced a micro gas chromatograph that is small, fast, smart and easy to use. The new 990 Micro GC system is designed to monitor the safe distribution, calorific valuation, and odorant level in natural gas. Compact and rugged, it delivers laboratory-quality data whenever and wherever it is needed.
The 990 Micro GC combines the company's proven microfabrication and smart-connected digital technologies in an all-new modular platform. The system's plug-and-play architecture and smart-connected user assist functions make the 990 Micro GC easier to install, use and troubleshoot, reducing the cost of ownership and improving productivity.
"Developing better tools to assure the continued safe distribution and use of natural gas, represents yet another demonstration of our commitment to partnering with our customers and the market," stated Eric Denoyer from Agilent. "This not only improves scientific and business outcomes for our customers but also helps improve the quality of life in the communities we serve."
With double the battery life of previous models, the transportable system provides over eight hours of remote operation for many applications. An optional mobile browser interface allows remote connectivity with mobile devices such as laptops or tablets, and allows hands-free, unattended operation in places that are more difficult, or potentially less safe, for humans to access.

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