New pH measurement tool

Test equipment specialist Chauvin Arnoux has launched its new CA10001 portable pH tester, which is fast and easy to use in a wide range of applications, including water treatment, life sciences, food and beverage manufacture and many more. Its maker believes it to be the only long-probe pH tester (120mm) available on the European market and it boasts an IP65 ('waterproof') ingress protection rating, two key features that make it equally suitable for use in the field and in the laboratory.
The CA10001 requires just one click to calibrate and one click to measure, allowing users to obtain accurate pH values in moments. User convenience is further enhanced by a multi-parameter LCD screen that shows temperature and pH value simultaneously, and by automatic temperature compensation of the displayed pH value. pH can be measured over the range 0.00 to 14.00 with a resolution of 0.01 pH, and the automatic temperature compensation is effective over the range 0 to 60 ºC.
Lightweight, portable and featuring a highly ergonomic design, the CA10001 is primarily intended for spot measurements and rapid testing of pH. It is calibrated simply by immersing it in a pH buffer solution and clicking once on the CAL key. Then, after it is immersed in the test sample, one further click is all that¹s needed make the measurement. Because of its long pH electrode, the CA 10001 is ideal for measurements in small-diameter receptacles such as vials or test tubes.

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