New motorised deck

Prior Scientific, a manufacturer of microscopy solutions and precision optical and electromechanical equipment, has launched the H189 motorised XYZ deck. The new product is the latest in the firm's deck series. As a natural progression from the original ZDeck the new XYZ deck is purposely designed to match the increased size and versatility of the latest generation of 2P/3P/multiphoton/confocal microscopy systems giving researchers the flexibility to use all the potential of the added sample space and microscope power of these new microscopes.   
The XYZ deck incorporates two removable shelves with an impressive 25kg load lifting capacity. The removable shelf feature greatly facilitates sample preparation when working with larger specimens or preparing complex experiments.  Oversized breadboard deck plates make the XYZ deck the optimal solution for a large range of sample types from whole animal invivo to slides and petri dishes. Compatible with Queensgate Piezo models, the XYZ deck is compatible with most imaging software and ideal for use with manipulators, probes or other sensory devices. With 50mm of motorized in XY and Z travel and a sample height adjustable from 79.5mm to 410mm, the new deck is a versatile and robust system that will prove to be a valuable addition to the user's system configuration.  

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