New mobile room bio-decontamination system

Bioquell has launched the cost-effective and high-performance Bioquell ProteQ mobile room bio-decontamination system. Using the company’s 35% hydrogen peroxide vapour and boasting a modular, upgradeable design for a more configurable pricing structure, the Bioquell ProteQ is suited to a wide range of critical areas, including biopharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, GMP/GLP and bio-safety laboratories, animal facilities and cleanrooms.
Developed as the next generation of the company’s previous mobile room decontamination offering, the Bioquell Z-2, the rigorously tested Bioquell ProteQ incorporates powerful distribution technology for reduced cycle times with more efficient use of the firm’s approved 35% hydrogen peroxide vapour and less need for additional standalone distribution fans. It offers new wireless functionality that can network multiple units, improving set up times and making it ideal for areas of any size.
For GMP applications or frequently decontaminated areas, the new system carries out an automated decontamination cycle to parameters defined during a documented gas cycle development. For non-GMP areas and emergency deployment, an updated algorithm delivers an automated 6-log decontamination cycle based on inputted room volume and monitored environmental conditions.
The system offers built-in aeration, but cycle times can be optimised further with optional wirelessly controlled aeration units stored directly in the system’s frame. It easily delivers decontamination of every exposed surface in a single cycle for a validated 6-log sporicidial bioburden reduction.
It features a mobile and compact design and provides fully automated room and zone bio-decontamination in a facility or even throughout a campus. It can be despatched quickly and completely on a single trip by one person. The system boasts a small footprint occupying less valuable storage space whilst providing robust capabilities.
Running a cycle is simple, whether timed or parametric, as the Bioquell ProteQ offers wireless networking for rapid set up, less downtime and multi-system functionality. There is no need for additional fans or standalone aeration units found in other systems as all required components are stored within its frame.

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