New line of borosilicate glassware

10th July 2019

Foxx Life Sciences has introduced a new line of Borosil Type 3.3 Borosilicate glassware to North America. Manufactured from the same USP Type 1 borosilicate glass that North American scientists have come to depend on.
Borosil Laboratory Glassware offers unparalleled mechanical strength, clarity, and reliability at competitive prices. Using a unique annealing process, Borosil Glassware is stress-free and incredibly resistant to thermal shock.
Foxx Life Sciences has exclusivity in North America for all Borosil glassware and the Puregrip Media Glass Bottles, with the patented, GL45 VersaCap. The Puregrip Media Bottles represents the first step in Foxx's collaboration with Borosil. Combining the quality of Borosil glassware with Foxx's innovative, user-focused designs.
Puregrip offers an array of improvements for researchers, large writing surfaces, visible graduations and a cap that changes the ergonomics of holding a vessel. This new family provides users with the bottles and flasks they've asked for, without the expensive price tag they might expect.





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