New LC columns

Waters has introduced Atlantis Premier BEH C18 AX columns, the first offerings in the new Premier class of high-performance liquid chromatography products. The new columns are mixed-mode, reversed-phase/anion exchange columns that combine new and innovative chromatographic particle technology with proprietary MaxPeak High Performance Surfaces (HPS) hardware to boost retention of polar acidic compounds by 50% while eliminating unwanted interactions between analytes and the internal surface of the column. 

“At the heart of every chromatographic method is the analytical column. Our mission is to continue innovating and helping researchers accelerate pharmaceutical methods development in support of new drug applications,” said Erin Chambers, Vice President, Chemistry. “The new technology embedded in our mixed mode Atlantis Premier BEH C18 AX columns solves a difficult challenge and enables researchers to accurately separate and measure even hard-to-retain compounds better than ever before.” 

The columns are the first UPLC/UHPLC/HPLC columns to feature MaxPeak HPS technology, designed to eliminate unwanted analyte/column surface interactions, a common problem when separating many compounds, including polar acidic compounds such as phosphorylated and carboxylated acids, which tend to bind or adsorb to the inside walls of the analytical column. When this occurs, these analytes cannot be accurately quantified leading to erroneous and irreproducible results. Current methods for circumventing this problem are slow and cumbersome.   

The new 95 Å ethylene bridged hybrid (BEH) chromatographic particle provides up to 50% more retention than some conventional C18 columns under reversed-phase chromatographic conditions. This is especially important for quantifying low concentrations of analytes. The columns are 100% water-wettable and the hybrid particle operates within a pH range of 2-10 allowing for more flexibility in method development.

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