New hygienic furniture

Hygienic furniture specialist Teknomek has updated its full range of light duty tables. The 'standard' line replaces the previous generation, which are still available under the new designation of work benches. The new standard tables includes variants with a rear rail, centre tie bar, or integrated solid undershelf to suit of range of scenarios in which the item is freestanding or positioned against a wall.

The new models feature longer legs with support bars raised to 300mm from the ground. This extra clearance offers better access for cleaning. The undershelf and rear rail options are also available with a 100mm upstand to offer even more space.

The tables are built from hygienic 304 grade stainless steel and potential harbourage points that could trap dirt or dust have been factored out of the design. This is apparent both in the table top that now features a folded edge and in the underframe, which uses diamond bracing on the support bars.

Sue Springett, commercial manager at Teknomek, says: "The new standard tables were built with the work place in mind, they are very robust ­ the 30mm box frame legs are sturdy enough to support payloads of up to XX ­ and hygiene managers will love them too!

"While we strive to make each iteration of our products more hygienic, it's not just the piece of furniture itself that cleaning teams need to take into account. Offering improved access to the areas beneath the table not only makes it easier to maintain hygienic standards, it also makes clean down quicker. This will save money incrementally over time to reduce the total cost of ownership."

Each of the new tables is available in widths of between 600-1,800mm, with a depth of 600mm and height of 800mm. All can be shipped as static or mobile: the former features plastic adjustable feet for perfect balance; while the latter comes with plastic casters, two of which are braked as standard and these can be upgraded to stainless steel if required.

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