New HPLC solution

Biotech Fluidics has launched Refractimaster, a new HPLC refractive index (RI) detector suitable for detecting compounds with little or no UV activity including simple sugars, complex carbohydrates, alcohols, fatty acids, and polymers.

Designed with touch panel screen and a highly intuitive user interface, the Refractimaster is an easy-to-use refractive index detector truly built for modern HPLC analysis.

Fritiof Ponten, Managing Director of Biotech Fluidics said: "Operating from room temperature up to 80°C, the design of our new product offers excellent baseline stability. Unlike traditional refractive index detectors that may take up to one hour to be fully stable, the Refractimaster is ready to deliver reliable, reproducible results in just a couple of minutes from turning on. Its sensitivity makes it the perfect RI detector to integrate with any modern HPLC system and to achieve peak performance even when faced with the most challenging applications."

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