New hot plates and stirrers

Torrey Pines Scientific has launched a new line of corrosion-resistant multi-position stirring analogue hot plates and stirrers featuring five or nine stirring positions, making them ideal for acid digestions and working with most any corrosive solutions.

The large 12in (305 mm) square ceramic heater tops have a temperature range to 450°C. A purge port on the rear on the units is provided for purging with a positive pressure of any inert gas. Most chassis openings have been closed. This keeps corrosive vapours from getting inside the units and protects the electronics and stirrer motors.

The five-position stirring units can stir 5-800ml beakers, and the nine-position units can stir 9-500ml beakers of corrosive aqueous solutions from 100 to 1500 rpm. Each stirring position is individually controlled.

The units measure 19in (432 mm) deep by 12.5in (318 mm) wide by 5.25in (134 mm) tall. They can support more than 50 pounds (22.6kg) on the plate surface. All controls are mounted well in forward of the heater surface to protect against accidental burns, and the units are designed to keep spills out of the chassis.

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