New handheld diagnostic device

Faster detection and treatment for blood conditions such as anaemia has come a step closer with the production of a new device in the UK for medical technology company Entia.

Aptus is a handheld, portable device capable of rapidly calculating haematocrit and haemoglobin levels from a finger prick to quickly diagnose anaemia in patients around the globe.

Developed in-house by Entia in London and supported with manufacturing by ITL Group, the product aims to make anaemia simple to diagnose and quick to treat regardless of where people live or the level of healthcare they have access to.

The first instruments,­ manufactured at ITL's UK base in Ashford, Kent have already been adopted for projects around the world and are driving a level of demand that will seem production increase throughout the year.

Tom Cole, CEO ITL Group, said: "It was great to celebrate with Entia this latest stage in the development of their new product, which we¹ve been delighted to be able to support in a number of ways. Aptus is a great example of the kind of product that health professionals now demand; using the latest technology to deliver devices that are portable, intuitive and easy to use. It¹s all about delivering better care for patients and this product is a perfect example of what the future holds."

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