New freeze dryer

17th January 2018

Millrock Technology has launched the LyoPro advanced freeze dryer tool for protocol development.

Designed to enable users to get the right tool for their R&D and Cycle Development jobs, the new LyoPro tray freeze dryers combine the company's most advanced freeze dryer tools with its robust laboratory equipment to help users achieve their goals in an efficient and straightforward way.
It starts with AccuFlux heat flux measurements. The proprietary sensor measures heat flow in the system and to the product and allows the direct measurement of the critical process parameter Kv. Other critical process parameters determined include mass flow and cake resistance.

LyoPro also provides controlled nucleation on demand to help ensure a homogenous cake structure throughout the batch and from batch-to-batch. This process helps amplify thermal events, reduces batch variation and improves product quality. 

AutoDry cycle optimisation maximises shelf temperature and heat input without exceeding the product’s critical process temperature parameter. During the life cycle of the product this optimisation can considerably increase throughput and decrease costs.





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