New fluorescence cell counter

CytoSmart Technologies has announced the release of its first fluorescence cell counter. The CytoSmart Exact FL is an new fluorescence cell counter with an expanded field of view.

Although the system’s footprint is very small, its specifications rival most automated cell counters. The improved specifications include not only an advanced 6.4-megapixel CMOS camera, but also ultrafast autofocus, high magnification and high contrast lenses, increased measuring volume, and super robust image recognition by artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. 

The CytoSmart Exact FL calculates the exact number of cells in a sample and provides a reliable assessment of key cellular parameters, including cell viability and transfection efficiency. The increased magnification and high resolution offer an unprecedented level of detail, distinguishing between whole cells and cell debris and counting even the smallest of mammalian cells (CAR-T cells, stem cells, PBMCs). 

"We are truly excited to launch this dual fluorescence cell counter with an optical system of excellent power. This innovative device can be used for a number of standard laboratory applications. It can count cells using a bright-field channel, while simultaneously assessing viability and transfection efficiency with two fluorescent channels. It can also ease the counting of hard-to-detect primary cells or quantify multiple cell types in one sample. Another fascinating feature of our devices is the introduction of add-on modules, which enable customers to expand the application range of their device allowing them to also count organoids," said Joffry Maltha, CEO at CytoSmart Technologies. 

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