New digital hot plates

Torrey Pines Scientific has announced its new EchoTherm Model HS70 corrosion-resistant fully programmable digital stirring hot plates.

The units are designed with a purge port for infusing an inert gas, such as lab air, into the chassis of the unit. This positive pressure inside the chassis causes the gas to flow out of any openings and prevents corrosive gasses form entering the chassis, improving unit life greatly. In manual operation, simply select the parameter to be set and scroll to the value needed. The unit will do the rest. In the programmable mode, routines can be stored for instant recall and use. The stored routine will run automatically, without attention, and exactly the same time after time.

Programs can be simple or complex depending upon the need. Multiple temperatures, temperature ramp rates, stirring speeds and timed events can be stored. When run, the unit monitors the program to be sure it runs exactly as written. It delivers complete walk-away automation.

HS70 features include a 10-program memory stored in CMOS (no batteries required). Each program can be 10 steps, where each step includes a temperature, stirring speed, time and heating rate. The units boast a Platinum RTD temperature measurement for ±1% accuracy as well as an 8” solid ceramic heater top for quick heating on a flat, white, chemically resistant surface.

The hot plates are settable to 450˚C in 1˚ increments and feature temperature ramping for exact heating and cooling rates. They can stir up to 2 litres of aqueous solutions from 100-1,500 rpm.



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