New confocal microscope

Saving time with a four times higher scan speed, Olympus’ new confocal microscope improves efficiency in industrial inspection. The LEXT OLS5000 combines 4K scanning and a large working distance with intuitive software to capture the shape of any sample under any angle.

The measuring laser microscope helps users reach the next level of metrology. With dedicated objectives, an improved scanning algorithm and a 210 mm extension frame, the new LEXT can accommodate and measure a larger range of samples – as well as saving time and improving productivity.

Acquiring highly accurate data in less time, the OLS5000 microscope incorporates a PEAK algorithm for 3D data construction. This algorithm, combined with the intelligent Skip Scan function, has reduced data acquisition times by 75%. These time savings make the new product well suited for high throughput applications, such as quality control in the automotive, electronic component and semiconductor industries.

Samples come in all shapes and sizes and it is important that an inspection microscope can accommodate samples of different heights. With the new extension frame of the OLS5000, samples of up to 210 mm can be analysed. Furthermore, with an ultra-long working distance objective it is possible to measure dents of up to 25 mm and carry out comprehensive inspection of even the most challenging samples.

To capture any surface at any angle, the microscope is equipped with 4K scanning technology that can capture steep slopes of up to 87.5°. Olympus has also designed dedicated objectives that perform uniform measurements across the entire field of view. Finally, a Smart Judge function was added that reliably distinguishes between steps on a sample and noise. These improvements make it possible to scan more different samples and improve confidence in the results.

The microscope comes with intuitive software with the ability to automate settings that previously had to be specified by the operator. The Smart Scan function and analysis templates automate the workflow from data acquisition to reporting, making it easy for anyone to operate the microscope simply by pushing the start button. These features make the microscope easy to handle, even for novice operators.

In high throughput applications such as industrial quality control, microscopes need to be able to cope with samples of different sizes and gather data quickly and accurately. The LEXT OLS5000 features significant improvements to speed and accuracy, such as a four times faster scan speed and an extension frame with dedicated optics. These features improve inspection workflows by acquiring reliable data about any surface in less time.

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