New cell cultureware introduced

Due to their high accessibility and extensive beneficial properties, human Mesenchymal Stem Cells (hMSC) offer exciting promises in a plethora of applications in regenerative medicine, particularly in cell-based therapies. The major challenge of hMSC-based therapy is the large-scale expansion of cells in order to achieve the cell numbers necessary for therapeutic treatment. Currently, bovine-derived fetal calf serum and human plasma-derived fibronectin are commonly used in hMSC culture. These biological extracts frequently reduce experimental reproducibility, and represent a liability for manufacturers of hMSC. To increase lot-to-lot consistency and eliminate the risk of transmission of xenogenic infectious agents, defined cell culture conditions including media and extracellular matrix mimetic coatings are essential.

DenovoMatrix has now introduced a ready-to-use coating composed of chemically defined components. The new product - termed myMatrix MSC - promotes adhesion, proliferation and high viability of hMSC. According to the manufacturer, this novel surface supports long-term expansion of hMSCs over 10 passages and more than 25 population doublings. Furthermore, myMatrix MSC enables expansion of hMSC in both serum-free and xeno-free media conditions.

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