Neuropore Therapies chooses Integra pipettes to accelerate its research

California-based drug discovery company Neuropore Therapies is using INTEGRA Biosciences’ EVOLVE, VIAFLO and VOYAGER pipettes to help accelerate research in both its in vitro and in vivo pharmacology departments. The company, which is dedicated to halting the progression of neurodegenerative diseases by targeting the core processes underlying these disorders, has been a long term supporter of INTEGRA, as a Neuropore scientist explained: “We initially started with just the VIAFLO electronic multichannel pipettes. As our biochemical and cell-based capabilities expanded, we needed a versatile solution that would allow us to reformat between the different volume and plate requirements of each workflow. The automatically adjustable tip spacing offered by the VOYAGER electronic pipette was ideal in providing tenths of a millimeter customization for tip locations that would match our specific needs.”
“We also needed to increase our throughput and expand our high content screening activities, without sacrificing data quality, which required the ability to quickly and accurately pipette multiple low volume samples into 384 well plates. Our VIAFLO and VOYAGER electronic multichannel pipettes provide the necessary precision, while reducing errors associated with a large numbers of individual samples, giving us complete confidence in our results. We have also recently purchased a number of EVOLVE manual pipettes, as having one set of tips at the bench to satisfy all our pipetting needs makes life easier. The ergonomics of the three dial system on the EVOLVE makes it much faster to adjust between high and low volumes, which has sped up a lot of our single channel pipetting activities. It’s a win-win situation.”
Visit the INTEGRA Biosciences website to learn more.

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