Neuhaus Neotec

- Specialized in Particle Engineering Technologies

The German manufacturer builds machines and plants for advanced fluid bed technologies applied for drying, agglomeration, spray granulation, encapsulation and coating. Continuous and batch processes can be realized as well as pilot and laboratory processes.


Neuhaus Neotec is experienced in fluid bed technologies for many decades. With the takeover of the Heinen Drying in 2010, the company now is one of the technical leaders in particle engineering technologies. The completely in Germany manufactured plants are used worldwide e.g. in the food industry and biotech as well as in the chemical and the pharmaceutical industries.

Based on the extensive know-how Neuhaus Neotec develops fluidized bed plants for continuous as well as discontinuous (batch) operation. Common to all is the high technical standard accompanied by maximized flexibility and a most compact design.

Fluidized Bed Particle Technologies are used for enhancing and optimizing the properties of powdery raw materials or the transformation of liquids into solid particles with desired structure. Neuhaus Neotec specializes in the complete range of fluid bed processes, customized for industrial needs:

  • Fluid bed drying
  • Agglomeration
  • Spray drying agglomeration
  • Fluid bed spray granulation
  • Coating
  • Micro-encapsulation

Conti FB – Fluid Bed Systems

Conti FB is a fully automated fluid bed system for continuous operation and thus frequently used for mass production whenever price-sensitive markets require highly automated production processes. The concept of the Conti FB is based on a modular design with separate inlet and exhaust air zones. Continuous, fully automated operation of the plant requires only few operators and a minimum of effort.

  • Processes: Drying/Cooling, agglomeration, spray granulation, encapsulation
  • Multi-stage operation
  • Top or bottom spray setups
  • Internal or external filtration system
  • Vibrating or static systems
  • Through-the-wall installation: separation of technical/production area

Even at low production capacities of 10 kg/h the continuous process is e.g. for the pharmaceutical industry an interesting alternative to traditional methods.

Batch FB – Fluid Bed Systems

Batch FB is a discontinuous fluid bed system for batchwise operation. Batch FB units are particularly appropriate for the processing of different products with changing production quantities. Exactly timed process phases allow for huge flexibility for variation of process parameters and the production of complex product formulations. Anyhow the more efficient and flexible a batch plant should be, the more important is the overall engineering from the process technology to the selection of the appropriate peripherals.

  • Drying, agglomeration, spray granulation, encapsulation, coating
  • Pressure shock resistant design up to 12 bar
  • Top or bottom spray facilities, Spouted Bed Coating
  • Multi efficient product handling concepts for semi-continuous operation

Pilot plant Conti FB 20/4 Pilot

Conti FB 20/4 Pilot has been developed for processes from 5 to 50 kg/h for pilot processes or laboratory uses. Thanks to the flexible plant configuration, this capacity range can be easily scaled up to larger production sizes. The plant is characterized by a high degree of flexibility e.g. manifold possibilities of inlet air conditioning, vibration, top/bottom-spray, process balancing and meets all requirements on hygienic production (GMP).

Neuhaus Neotec also offers laboratory scale batch fluid bed systems in various sizes.



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