Natural flour is rich in omega-3

LimaLin Gold improves the Limagrain Cereales Ingrédients (LCI) ingredient range for increasing omega-3 in two ways.

First, it is richer in omega-3, containing 13% versus 8% in the original LimaLin. Second, it is more neutral in colour as it uses yellow linseed rather than the brown linseed used in Limalin.

“A lack of omega-3 in diets is general in Europe – and yet EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) claim the ingestion of omega-3 contributes to maintaining a healthy blood cholesterol level,” notes Dr Walter Lopez, of LCI (Limagrain Céréales Ingrédients). “Hence, four years after launching LimaLin, we have extended our ingredient range by the launch of ‘westhove LimaLin Gold' - a richer omega-3 ingredient.

“Limalin Gold is more neutral in colour as we use yellow linseeds to give a golden/yellow colour, whilst the first LimaLin is made from brown linseed. Also, it is easy to use, is stable for 12 months, has a neutral colour - and there is no impact in texture or taste.

“Lastly, it is a 100% natural ingredient, containing yellow linseeds and wheat flour - and it is non-GMO,” adds Dr Lopez.

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