Motorised stand introduced

The OpenStand is a new modular platform that allows for easy customisation. It is a fully configurable and motorised optical stand, when combined with a range of readily available optics, light sources and accessories, creates a complete customisable optical microscope. It is ideal for optogenetics, physiology, electrophysiology, neuroscience, industrial and general imaging applications. The modular approach allows maximum interchangeability and flexibility enabling users to image a wide range of samples for virtually any life science and industrial application with the largest imaging space available.
The OpenStand offers a custom working development platform that can be set up quickly as a cost-effective system offering a fast-track to a prototype instrument. The ability to select only the components you need for your specific application results in significant savings to the final instrument while providing the flexibility to expand and add additional components in the future if requirements change. While you are proving your application, Prior can then be working with you on a totally customised system, using the same drivers and commands, with your unique requirements in mind. 
Thomas Freda, CEO of Prior Scientific, said: "The most significant advantage of OpenStand is that we can get a working instrument to our customers fast. They can start developing their application straight away, reducing their development costs and time to market significantly."


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