Miniature in-line blood gas analyser

Sphere Medical’s new Proxima in-line patient dedicated arterial blood gas analyser gives blood gas results, just like blood pressure, within the patient’s bed space.

The Proxima system is attached directly to the patient through their arterial line, in-series with the blood pressure transducer.  

Without leaving the bedside, closed blood samples can be withdrawn frequently, analysed and then returned directly to the patient. This enables rapid delivery of blood gas results to aid early decision making and closer control of therapy for critically ill patients, while also conserving blood and reducing nurse dependency – all of which will ultimately improve patient outcomes.

The CE marked Proxima System incorporates a dedicated bedside monitor, as well as the miniature Proxima Sensor integrated into the patient’s arterial line. This disposable transducer can be used for monitoring blood gases and electrolytes over a 72 hour period as many times as required without loss of patient blood.

Proven to measure to laboratory analyser accuracy, results are rapidly displayed on the bedside monitor and can be electronically transferred for permanent record. The system also carries out all quality control checks that would be undertaken on a traditional blood gas analyser to ensure validity of test results.

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