Measuring challenging samples

Anton Paar has introduced Xsample 610, a heated single sample changer supporting a high temperature range. 

With temperatures of up to 95°C and high temperature stability, the sample changer can deal with highly viscous and even solid samples at room temperature.

 The new heavy duty sample changer ensures automated filling of challenging samples. With its wide temperature range, fast measurements of challenging samples such as crude oil, gels, honey, and waxes are possible in combination with density meters and viscometers from Anton Paar. Automated cleaning and drying greatly increase the sample throughput in any laboratory.

Operators do not have to handle hot syringes to fill the sample into the measuring instrument. The sample can be directly filled out of the heated sample vessel and placed into the sample changer which ensures maximum ease of use.

For high operating convenience, the user has no contact with the cleaning solvents as two bottles can be connected to the measuring system.

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