Making the right medical connections

Intelliconnect (Europe) Ltd is now working with 19 NHS trusts supplying high quality connectors, adaptors and cable assemblies for radiation detection equipment as diverse as imaging equipment and RF Ablation.

Intelliconnect’s Triax (Triaxial) products are widely used in medical and broadcast applications where reduced ‘noise’ or interference levels are required. The Triax range are a non-constant impedance design with an isolated ground and are readily available in BNC or TNC style configurations.  C type and special Triax connectors are available on request.

The Intelliconnect TRB series has a bayonet locking system as found on BNC connectors. The TRT series has the appearance of a TNC connector but incorporates a third conductor. Both types have a state of the art clamping construction and weatherproof sealing features ensuring secure termination of various twinaxial and triaxial cables.

Standard features include a 50MHz frequency range, insulation resistance 5,000MΩ minimum and voltage rating of 400VRMS. Operating temperature range is -65 to +165°C and all designs are in accordance with US MIL-PRF-49 142 and US MIL-STD-346.

In addition to standard and custom RF connectors and components, including waterproof and fast turnaround custom designs which are undertaken without NRE charges to their customers Intelliconnect manufacture custom cable assemblies, including cryogenic, semi-rigid and semi-flexible cables Intelliconnect (Europe) Ltd . Intelliconnect also manufacture a large range of coaxial adaptors to facilitate inter-series connection and gender change etc.

Typical applications include medical, MIL and aerospace, marine, oil and gas, and general microwave markets.

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