Lyophilizer control system launched

SP Scientific has launched LyoS 2.0, a line-of-sight enabled lyophilizer control system able to control platforms from development to production units, making cycle transfer and scale-up that much simpler.

The new control system delivers excellent process control for all stages of the cycle, from freezing to primary and secondary drying. User-definable process alarms protect valuable product and automated system tests to ensure the user's lyophilizer is running optimally. 

The LyoS 2.0 control system is designed to control proprietary SP freeze drying technologies including ControLyo ice nucleation, Smart automatic cycle development and LyoFlux TDLAS continuous process monitoring.

Optional 21 CFR Part 11 compliance capabilities ensure that LyoS 2.0 control system software is both fully configurable and fully validatable for regulated pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications. SP Scientific offers testing protocols intended to support the processes that will be performed by the purchaser and/or end user, as well as onsite control system IQ/OQ validation support and a comprehensive factory-initiated software validation. 

Designed for SP's research, development and production lyophilizers, including the LyoCapsule, LyoStar, Genesis, Ultra and LyoConstellation, LyoS 2.0 and SP line of sight technologies can be upgraded on to certain other freeze dryers.  

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