License agreement on human artificial lymph node technology

13th February 2018

ProBioGen, a leading specialist for contract development and manufacturing of complex glycoproteins has announced the signature of a non-exclusive license agreement on its proprietary human Artificial Lymph Node (HuALN) platform technology with TEVA. The unique human Artificial Lymph Node model was developed by ProBioGen as superior 3D-micro-organoid model for analysing substance effects on the human immune system in vitro.

Under the terms of the agreement the technology platform will be transferred to TEVA as a predictive tool to assist in the assessment of TEVA¹s biopharmaceutical drug candidates.

ProBioGen's Chief Scientific Officer, Dr Volker Sandig, commented: "With the complex, in vivo-like human Artificial Lymph Node model we have demonstrated effects which were impossible to see in conventional models, bridging the existing gap between animal models and first-in-man applications. We look much forward to this collaboration and the combined expertise on either side to develop the HuALN platform even further."



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