L.B. Bohle Maschinen and Verfahren GmbH

Special machines and production lines for solid dosage production

L.B. Bohle with the headquarter in Germany, is one of the largest system suppliers for the pharmaceutical solids industry and related sectors. Internationally active, they focus on machinery and equipment as well as process technology and components. 

Comprehensive product offer for the pharmaceutical production
L.B. Bohle offer sustainable solutions for demanding production processes in batch and continuous manufacturing. All our products generate added value in the daily production process. L.B. Bohle provide the optimal machine for your process, no matter if you request a standardized or customized machine. We offer retail or all-in-one solutions for the entire production process.

Our portfolio contain machinery for the following pharmaceutical production steps:

  • Weighing and dosing

  • Dry and wet granulation

  • Grinding and sieving

  • Container blending

  • Tablet coating

  • Tablet checking

  • Product handling

Dry and wet granulation systems for solids production
L.B. Bohle offer one of the largest programs for granulation. Whether if you need a dry or wet granulation process, L.B. Bohle provide the optimal solution. Our broad range of granulation equipment include fluidized bed granulators and dryers, high-shear granulator systems, compact wet granulation modules, single pot granulators, continuous twin-screw granulators and roller compactors. 

All granulation systems guarantee highest efficiency and optimal product quality. 

Container blending for pharmaceutical tablet production
With our broad portfolio of container blenders, we assert a leading position in this sector. Container blending is an important process step in pharmaceutical processing and entails high demands on safety and hygiene. Our container blending portfolio ranges for lab equipment to systems with 12,000-liter containers.  All container blenders can be uses in numerous production scenarios in solids production. One main advantage of our technology is the fact, that bot, round and square containers can be used in the process. The high flexibility is also characterized by the wide range of different container adaptions. 

Tablet coaters for solids production
L.B. Bohle has been the technological leader for all common pharmaceutical tablet coating applications for more than 10 years. Continuous developments and patents assert the leading position. Beside tablet coaters in production scale, L.B. Bohle offer a laboratory coater, a system with exchangeable drums, and a continuous coater.

All our coaters guarantee best product processing, with highest efficiency and profitability. 

Continuous Manufacturing
Continuous Manufacturing of pharmaceutical solids is still a hot topic in pharmaceutical processing. The introduction of continuous manufacturing processing offers several advantages to the manufacturers. The advantages can be summarized under the topic’s quality, cost saving, flexibility and operator safety. Furthermore, research and development profits by continuous manufacturing due to shorter development times, no scale-up issues and lower product consumption. 

Beside a complete continuous production line for direct compression, wet and dry granulation, L.B. Bohle offer machines for the following production steps:

  • Continuous Granulation and Drying in R&D

  • Continuous twin-screw granulation

  • Continuous roller compaction

  • Continuous drying

  • Continuous tablet container handling

  • Continuous tablet coating


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