Labellers for pharmaceutical industry

19th April 2018

LSS Labelling Systems Scandinavia offers user-friendly and efficient solutions to meet the challenging demands of the pharmaceutical industry. At this year's Achema , the labelling expert presents its machines for tamper-evident labelling and for vial and bottle labelling. 
LSS, a subsidiary of German Logopak, benefits from the expertise of many years of finding individual designed and customised labelling solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. The manufacturer from Denmark knows the needs of its customers and fulfils their unique requirements. LSS has now developed a standard Vial and Bottle Labeller and a Tamper Evident Labeller. Both machines are designed with high attention to simple and safe operation, precision in labelling as well as safe and secure product handling. Easy function overview, inspection and control, easy line clearance and ergonomics are also significant features of both labellers.

From February 2019 on, the European Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) 2011/62/EU will be mandatory for the pharmaceutical industry within the EU. The new Tamper Evident Labeller from LSS complies with the directive and ensures tamper-proof security of cartons. As an option, a laser or inkjet printer and a vision system of any brand can be integrated to provide each carton with a unique identification for track & trace and serialisation. The machine is operated with a user friendly HMI. The flexible solution handles cartons ranging from 50 to 220mm in width, 15 to 120mm in height and 40 to 120mm in length. A small footprint allows the machine to fit into any production area easily.
The LSS Vial and Bottle Labeller can be used for labelling a wide variety of smaller cylindrical products made of glass or plastic with a product diameter between 14 and 35mm and a minimum height of 30mm. The efficient machine labels up to 250 vials or bottles per minute and runs both as an off-line or in-line unit. Thanks to its small footprint and modular design, it is the right solution for both new and already existing production environments. Vision inspection of both the label and the vial or bottle ensures maximum safety.






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