British laboratory autoclave manufacturer Priorclave has released a new How to Build video which takes the viewer on a journey through some of the key production, assembly and test procedures required for building an autoclave.  It was filmed at the company’s UK manufacturing facility which produces some of the most advanced, energy-efficient, durable and reliable laboratory and research grade autoclave.

Each autoclave has three major parts; the pressure vessel, a frame and panels to support and enclose it plus wiring and controls.

The video starts where sheet and square-section steel is off-loaded and held in the metals store to await call-off into the metal fabrication workshop ready to start the manufacturing process. The journey though production includes a visit to a specialist welding section where that key component, the stainless-steel pressure, is manufactured.  It is shown being creating using a unique seam welder developed by Priorclave so that they can produce ultra-smooth joins.

In the assembly area door and closure fittings are added to the pressure vessel so that it can be made water-tight ready for pressure testing. The final part of the video moves to the test centre where the autoclave is run; is function and safety tested against an extended checklist before being packed ready for despatch.

As a specialist in the design and manufacture of laboratory autoclaves Priorclave delivers its autoclaves around the world, each produced to satisfy individual customer demands in terms of functionality, operating environment and special installation requirements.

For those interested in how these first-class are built the video can be viewer here.

As a successful laboratory autoclave manufacturer Priorclave has developed more than 60 standards models which feature in its current range of benchtop, top and front loading, as well as double-door and power-door autoclaves. The company has also created an extensive range of ‘options and accessories to ensure that it can provide a perfect match to meet the customer sterilising requirements.


How to Build an Autoclave



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