Headspace autosamplers with AI

HTA has introduced its 2000H series, a range of new static headspace autosamplers empowered by artificial intelligence (AI).
AI integrated within the 2000H series brings effective intuitiveness and concretely improves the performance efficiency of the laboratories running headspace applications. First, AI functionalities can drive the optimisation of the workflow through instrument parameter tuning to ensure a smoother and more efficient analysis running. In addition to that, injection-to-injection optimisation assures that the time between injections is automatically calculated for ideal sample throughput.
Self-diagnostic and performance tests, as well as automated consumable tracking, enable predictive maintenance strategies that guarantee no-stop effective results. Finally, AI allows for dramatically simplified connection with service by the usage of dynamic on-screen QR codes.
The 2000H series takes advantage of HTA's exclusive quick-fix mounting kit that allows, in case of workload sudden reorganisation, autosamplers to be easily relocated across the lab with no service engineer or tool required.
In less than five minutes users can move the HTA autosampler from one GC to another, swap HTA autosamplers or share HTA autosamplers among several GCs. Forget the laborious and almost irreversible installation of traditional headspace autosamplers: the 2000H series assures instead a very smooth installation and a high grade of operational flexibility on all GC and GC/MS.
HTA confirms the three-model winning scheme of the previous headspace series: besides the best-seller 2000H, it also offers the 2100H for small batches of samples and 2000HT for high-temperature polymer analysis. The scheme is the same, but great strides have been made with the launch of this new series: the technology advantages have been extended and mprovements have been introduced to significantly benefit customers in terms of usability, speed and reliability. 

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