Graphene enhanced resin composite materials

Haydale, a leader in the development of enhanced graphene and nanoparticulate materials, has announced that its composites division, Haydale Composite Solutions Ltd (HCS), has signed a letter of intent to start a joint development and commercialisation agreement with Huntsman Advanced Materials (Switzerland) GmbH (Huntsman), a leading global manufacturer of epoxy, acrylic and polyurethane based polymer products.

As part of agreement Haydale will functionalise Graphene Nano Platelets (GNPs) using its proprietary HDPlas process and add them to Huntsman's ARALDITE resins to create a highly loaded masterbatch. Under the proposed agreement, it is anticipated that Huntsman and HCS will develop and validate the use of GNPs in ARALDITE epoxy resins, using HCS's proprietary HDPlas process. The ultimate objective of the collaboration will be to commercialise graphene enhanced ARALDITE resins for a range of applications in the composites market.

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