Go-Less Easing Symptoms Of Female Overactive Bladder

20th May 2014

A recently published clinical study shows that Go-Less is an effective natural ingredient that helps to improve the quality of life in women by reducing the symptoms of overactive bladder.

A placebo-controlled, randomised clinical trial conducted by Shim, B, et al, at Ewha Woman’s University, Seoul, South Korea, and supported by Frutarom Health BU, Switzerland, was published in April, 2014*. Go-Less, developed and marketed by Frutarom Health BU, is a proprietary blend of a water-soluble pumpkin seed extract (EFLA 940) and the soy germ extract, SoyLife.

Separately, both ingredients have been successfully marketed for many years. Now, combined into the proprietary blend Go-Less, they show a combined effect of the constituents from pumpkin seeds and the hormone-balancing action of soy germ isoflavones.

Nocturia frequency was measured, showing, a notable decrease of around 30 per cent

How Was The Study Conducted?

The study included 120 women suffering from overactive bladder-related voiding dysfunction. The women, aged between 35 and 70 years, took 500mg of Go-Less or matching placebo tablets (60 placebo/60 test group) twice a day during a 12-week period. The average frequency of nocturia was measured, showing, a notable decrease of around 30 per cent.

The Study Results

After week 12, a significant decrease of the daily average frequency of urination was reported. More critically, there was a substantial decrease in the average urgency score in the Go-Less group.

“Urgency is one of the biggest inconvenience conditions, in practice, for people suffering from overactive bladder,” says Patricia Maureira, Product Manager of LifeLine at Frutarom Health. “It can be frustrating and constraining, and lead affected people to feel insecure.”

The functionality of Go-Less was also confirmed by a survey on the subjective satisfaction of the participants, as conducted at the end of the trial period.

More than 90 per cent of the subjects in the Go-Less group found the product helpful and answered affirmatively when asked if they would like to continue taking the study product. This compares to about 50 per cent in the placebo group.

“The market for urinary health remedies in adults is fast growing, especially in Western Europe and the US where Baby Boomers and younger sufferers are seeking natural and effective remedies to match their healthy lifestyle,” adds Maureira “The result of this study confirms that Go-Less is an effective, natural aid for addressing overactive bladder and urinary incontinency. It therefore is a valuable ingredient, with highly attractive positioning opportunities in the growing market for urinary health-supporting products.”

Go-Less opens a broad range of application possibilities, offering manufacturers of food supplements and nutraceuticals a unique ingredient to benefit from the growing market of urinary health. It can be used in capsules, tablets, powdered beverages, bladder support formulations, women’s health and prostate health formulations.

* Shim, B, et al., A randomised double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trial of a product containing pumpkin seed extract and soy germ extract to improve overactive bladder-related voiding dysfunction and quality of life. Journal of Functional Foods, 2014, 8(0): p. 111-117.






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