GERTEIS® is a Swiss manufacturer of advanced high-quality pharmaceutical roller compactors. We have set the standard with our unique dry granulation technology. Our understanding of the dry granulation process combined with patented roller compaction systems make Gerteis® the technology leaders in the field of dry granulation.

Roller compaction is becoming an increasingly important agglomeration technology for producing granules, as the pharmaceutical industry looks at ways in which it can introduce continuous manufacturing to reduce its R&D and manufacturing costs. The Gerteis® roller compactor has several unique roller compaction technologies which allows for a far greater range of formulations to be dry granulated successfully compared with conventional roller compactor manufacturers.

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From R&D trials to Continuous manufacturing, Gerteis Roller Compactors can process powders, even those with poor flow characteristics, better than any other machine on the market without the need for vacuum, roller cooling or recycling. The Pactor series can be upgraded for high-containment applications and processing potent pharmaceutical compounds. Linear scale-up from R&D to Full-Scale production is easy due to Gerteis' feed design. Gerteis is pleased to offer formulation support to all customers. Our product portfolio includes machines capable of product output ranging from 10g per trial up to 400kg/hr.


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