French biobank centre gets IT upgrade

Ferdinand Cabanne, one of the largest certified French Biobanking centres, has chosen TDBioBank from Technidata to modernise its IT infrastructure in the context of its multi-site organisation. The centre boasts one of the largest cryopreservation facilities in France with a storage capacity of almost 600 000 specimens.

Ferdinand Cabanne Biobank Centre draws together a number of institutions such as the Dijon Burgundy University Hospital, the national French blood services (the EFS) for the Burgundy Franche-Comté region as well as the Cancer Care Centre Georges-François Leclerc. The centre is actively involved in all aspects of specimen collection, preparation and preservation for research and innovative therapeutic purposes as well as in patient care. The Ferdinand Cabanne Centre additionally houses specimens for third parties.

Specimens such as biological fluids, tissue, cells, parasites and viruses are first prepared and temporarily stored at one of seven sites before definitively being preserved at the biobank of the national French blood services based in Dijon. The site, equipped with 48 liquid nitrogen storage containers, possesses one of the largest cryopreservation facilities in France. 

“Thanks to web technology,TDBioBank has greatly facilitated the way in which we manage our multi-site organization. It allows users who are not physically situated at the training hospital to securely access the biobank remotely”, explains Frédéric Brun, IT Project Manager at Ferdinand Cabanne Biobank Centre.

 “Thanks to its flexibility we have been able to adapt TDBioBank to suit our particular work methods. The software now automatically reproduces our work procedures. For example, specimen preparation features mirror the activities that technicians physically carry out on screen. These pre-defined features facilitate batch sample reception and preparation, and this in turn saves us a considerable amount of time”, adds Céline Schaeffer, Operational Manager for the Biobank Centre. “TDBioBank meets the specific requirements of our business and contributes to the overall efficiency of the Biobank Centre.”

“The Ferdinand Cabanne Biobank Centre has national certification (NF S96-900) and it is thus essential for us to use a solution that meets our requirements in terms of quality and traceability. Specimen management is guaranteed to meet quality standards with TDBioBank. Traceability is ensured from beginning to end – from specimen sampling right through to transfer”, explains Dorothée Cannet, in charge of cryopreservation at the biobanks of both the Ferdinand Cabanne Centre and the national French blood services for the Burgundy Franche-Comté region. 

“Specimen value is fundamental in our line of work. The TDBioBank Customised Form Designer module allows users to associate bioclinical data to specimens on which we are then able to run queries. It is a considerable advantage that we are able to import and exploit such high-value information. In this way we are able to enhance our specimens en masse and this saves us valuable time.”

TDBioBank offers a module that facilitates specimen import and relocation while guaranteeing an optimal level of traceability. 

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