Fast tablet coater released to market

ACG Engineering, a division of ACG, a leading supplier of integrated manufacturing solutions to the global pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries, has launched its new Smartcoater X-One series, the company’s fastest tablet coater to date. 

The new solution has been designed to make tablet coating extremely fast, with an extra emphasis on process speed, efficiency and operator ease. Its advanced baffle design ensures the quickest process times for batches from 10-100%. 

Features of the new coater include a unique airflow pattern for optimised drying, a fully perforated coating drum, closed dust-free charging, integrated discharge baffles, active purging temperature sensor, a high-performing spray-arm and a 2.0 spray nozzle which has been developed with an anti-bearding cap. It also incorporates ACG’s exclusive X•One command and control system, designed to facilitate compliance with cGMP standards.

Rajesh Menon, Chief Technology Officer at ACG Engineering, said: “Our Smartcoater machines are already renowned for their innovative features and operator friendly designs. Now, after extensive research and development, we are excited to announce the launch of the X•One series. 

“Our quality-commitment philosophy means that the new machine has been crafted to achieve maximum efficiency and flexibility for superior tablet coating, across every process – from charging to coating, discharging to cleaning. Each and every cycle is now swifter, more streamlined and profitable.

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