Enzyme cleaner for forensic labs and crime scenes

12th February 2014

It is critical for forensic laboratories to maintain a clean work area to preserve the integrity of their results. Equipment and surfaces must be kept free of residue from previous studies and environmental contaminants; trace amounts of substances must be removed. International Product Corporation’s (IPC) Zymit Pro enzyme cleaner is frequently used by forensics professionals to maintain the necessary cleanliness needed to ensure the accuracy of their work.

Cleaning with enzymes destroys the structure of dirt. Enzymes are naturally occurring compounds that disintegrate the cell structures of substances that create stains and soils. When attacked by enzymes, dirt breaks apart and loses its grip on a surface, making it easier to remove. The enzyme in Zymit Pro enables it to deodorise and clean.

Zymit Pro enzyme cleaner is a blend of a protease enzyme, detergents and builders that work together to achieve broad cleaning power. The enzyme dissolves the soils and the detergents gently wash them away, making Zymit Pro exceptional in the removal of biological soils such as blood, tissue, mucous, sweat, fat, faeces, sebum, gelatin and protein. It is becoming an overwhelmingly popular choice for use in forensics laboratories to clean diagnostic and surgical instruments, forceps, scissors, scalpels, photographic film equipment, pipettes, tubes, tube racks, centrifuges, benchtops, labware and other equipment.

Zymit Pro is a alternative to harmful solvents. It is free of solvents, phosphates, silicates, borates, halogenated compounds, phenols, and SVHC (substances of very high concern). And Zymit Pro is highly concentrated making it economical (most applications require only 1-2 per cent solution to be effective).

Zymit Pro is pH neutral making it compatible with most substances. It is so effective that it can clean deep into blind holes to remove soils and is well suited to the degreasing and critical cleaning of parts and instruments. Zymit Pro is registered with NSF as an A1 cleaner and can be validated in FDA processes. Validation methods are available from IPC. For machine and high agitation applications, a low foaming enzyme cleaner, Zymit Low-Foam, is also available.

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