Efficient antibody discovery

Enpicom, an innovative bioinformatics software engineering company, has announced a major release of its ImmunoGenomiX (IGX) Platform featuring the new Antibody Discovery Module (ADM). This solution will allow scientists in biopharmaceutical companies and academia, as well as service providers working in the antibody discovery field, to make the most of their Sanger and NGS data and independently perform complex analyses.

In recent years, antibody discovery workflows have started relying more on sequencing data and in-silico analysis to identify the best candidates. However data integration, analysis, and visualisation can be challenging and require diverse expertise, including immunology, protein biology, and bioinformatics. In close collaboration with over 50 industry leaders, Enpicom has pinpointed the bottlenecks and challenges in the antibody discovery process and validated the new product designed to solve these. This set of specialised IGX Platform Apps is engineered to rapidly identify a diverse set of promising antibody candidates from integrated sequencing data. 

“By conducting thorough interviews with a large group of industry leaders, we gained a deep understanding of the specific pain points and needs in the market,” explained Jos Lunenberg, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer. “We learned exactly what researchers need, and as a result, can offer something truly unique: a validated solution, tailored to the specific needs of antibody developers. This allows researchers without extensive bioinformatics expertise to independently perform their discovery analysis and stay focused on what matters the most – their research.”

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