Drug-resistant tumours

A Personal DeltaVision cell microscopy imaging system supplied by Image Solutions UK Ltd. is assisting scientists at Cancer Research UK to understand how tumours develop drug resistance.

The system is being used by a team of researchers based in Cancer Research UK’s Translational Cancer Therapeutics (TCT) laboratory. Their research uses parallel clinical trial and functional genomics approaches to develop new predictive tools that will improve the prognosis of patients with solid tumours.

“There are a number of reasons why the Personal DV system is very useful to us,” said TCT Research Fellow Dr. Sarah McClelland. “Firstly, it allows us to follow processes within the cell in real time. This means we can correlate observed behaviour in a cell at a particular moment in time with what has happened previously. Secondly, the Personal DV exposes the cells we are observing to very low levels of light, which is important because the intense light required by other imaging systems would damage our cells. 

The Personal DV allows us to perform long-term imaging, over 2-3 days, which is possible due to the CO2 perfusion and acrylic chamber that form the microscope environmental chamber. This is very, very useful in our work,” she added.
In fact the Personal DV is proving so popular with the TCT scientists that now it is used for all the laboratory’s high-resolution, fixed cell imaging work.

Mr. Ian Corless MD of Image Solutions (UK) Ltd. said “it is gratifying that Sarah and her colleagues are using what is our entry level system to produce such significant research. We are privileged to continue our support of them.”

The Personal DV is the junior system in Applied Precision’s family of live cell microscopy imaging range. It is specifically designed for the budget-minded facility with limited space. Combined with a Xenon light source and with both a newly redesigned 10-position excitation filter wheel and 6-position emission filter wheel, the Personal DV provides fast multi-channel image acquisition.

In addition, many innovative upgrades and options are available for users, including multiplexed wavelengths imaging (EGFP/mCherry Polychroic and CFP/YFP Polychroic with dual band EM) as well as a range of cameras and improved display options.



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