Digital thermometer/logger for Pt100 sensors

The new Tempmaster PRO from Labfacility provides very high precision temperature measurement with Pt100 sensors.

Data can be displayed in ˚C,˚F, K or Ω as required; nine front panel push keys, the only user controls, are used in conjunction with the large, clear display screen.

Resolution is 0.01˚C and all computations are performed digitally without drift. Overall stability is optimised by utilising only the highest quality components, including high precision, expensive metal film resistor networks.

There are two input ports for 3 or 4 wire Pt100 sensors; the instrument automatically recognises 3 or 4 wire configurations. Both inputs can be scanned and values logged according to parameters set up by the user in the PC software. A real-time clock and on-board memory are incorporated.

The measured temperature can be displayed directly from one of the inputs or differentially between the two inputs. Differential temperature and the two individual channel temperatures are displayed simultaneously.

Individual calibrated sensors can have up to 10 appropriate calibration values programmed into the Tempmaster PRO. The instrument then digitally self-calibrates to the associated probe over the range embraced in the calibrated values used; the temperature readout is ‘corrected’ accordingly.

A SMART PROBE facility accepts a calibrated Pt100 sensor which carries its own calibration values within the probe.

A flash drive USB port is provided to allow data to be stored and/or exported. Firmware updates are also facilitated via this port.

The PC software supplied with the Tempmaster PRO allows remote control, measure and logging. Serial interface with the PC is via a USB connection.

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