Digital slide scanner launched

Hamamatsu Photonics has released its new NanoZoomer S20MD Slide scanner system (C16300-21MDEU).

The new device was developed to provide clinical pathologists additional flexibility in their laboratory workflow. It completes the existing NanoZoomer line-up of MD models, by offering a medium scale digital pathology routine, ideal for priority scanning during peak production.

The ultra-fast whole slide scanner can scan approximately a slide/30 seconds in 20x or 40x mode, allowing pathologists a leaner and more efficient workflow. Additionally, it gives them the possibility to work alongside their existing Sakura stainer and film coverslipper thanks to a new optional adaptor.

The NanoZoomer S20MD also offers excellent image quality as it is designed with the same pixel pathway as high-end model, NanoZoomer S360MD Slide scanner system. Moreover, the image acquisition software (NZAcquireMD) including the image viewing software (NZViewMD) allows users to easily create, view and perform quality checks on whole slide images.

Behind the hardware and software, clinical customers will find trained specialists supporting them through the adoption of new workflows. In fact, trainings and technical support are in place to ensure a smooth transition whether it is integrating a new scanner model into their workflow or transforming from analogue to digital workflow.

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