Developing The Connected Lab With Apps

Jim Reilly reveals how a clinical research institution is accelerating its work via the use of connected applications

Life sciences development has undergone dramatic transformation driven by a need for more connectivity and visibility across the product lifecycle. Organisations are looking for ways to make data and document sharing across teams easier and streamline manual tasks. With seamless information flowing cross-functionally, the gains in efficiency and insight can help deliver innovations to patients faster and more cost-effectively.

The Lymphoma Academic Research Organisation (LYSARC), an academic institution devoted to lymphoma clinical research, is starting its journey with a connected technology landscape across clinical data and operations, patient safety and quality management. By standardising processes across product development, the organisation can reduce complexity and streamline how teams work together.

Using A Single Platform To Speed Research

LYSARC is the largest European academic institution focused on lymphoma, works with over 2,000 sites and recruits more than 750 patients each year. Collaborating with other academic groups, in partnership with pharma companies worldwide, LYSARC aimed to expand its reach with a system that can scale for growth.

LYSARC needed to eliminate data silos and reduce manual tasks and process duplication to gain visibility across the organisation and speed execution. The team selected Veeva Development Cloud to build a comprehensive, connected technology foundation that offers higher quality data and streamlines collaboration across clinical, quality, and safety operations.

The organisation will also encourage its network of partner site investigators to use Veeva SiteVault to make it easier to share information. With one platform across the product ecosystem, LYSARC can ensure alignment with SOPs across stakeholders, ensure high-quality data, and reduce the costs and lead times of clinical trials.

“Partnering with Veeva will accelerate our digital transformation for greater scalability and speed in our pursuit to develop innovative lymphoma therapies or improve current therapies,” says Franck Morschhauser, president of LYSARC. “Using Veeva Development Cloud gives us a single connected platform that can free our staff from time-consuming tasks and allow them to focus on what drives us every day: scientific excellence for the benefit of lymphoma patients.”

A Unified Product Development Lifecycle

Organisations such as LYSARC can drive end-to-end processes and evolve how people work by unifying applications across the product life cycle. Bringing together cross-functional teams enables real-time access to information and seamless data exchange. For example, quality leaders can proactively mitigate risk by running integrated change control and variation management across their quality management system and regulatory operations.

Hundreds of global organisations are unifying and scaling their digital operations across the entire product lifecycle. Labs can bring together applications across functions to drive end-to-end processes for clinical trials, regulatory operations, quality management and patient safety. This can improve how sponsors, CROs and sites work together throughout a study and improve data quality for increased compliance with regulatory requirements.

A Digital End-To-End Solution

Connected applications unify content and data across global departments for greater efficiency and compliance. Teams gain access and visibility to information, seamless processes, and dynamic reporting to work together in a more productive way.

Life sciences companies are making significant progress, embarking on transformations that deliver connected and digital workflows. This is a substantial advancement for the industry that will shape the future of drug development. As the benefits of having centralised data and more collaboration across teams materialise, organisations will be able to accelerate the development of innovative therapies and medicines.

By Jim Reilly, vice president, Vault R&D and Quality at Veeva Systems

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