Creative Biolabs

A Global Supplier of Biotechnology Solutions for Advancing Therapeutics Development

Creative Biolabs is a well-established biotechnology company based in the USA, renowned for its dependable expertise and extensive capabilities in the biotech and pharmaceutical market capability. Over the years, Creative Biolabs has expanded its customized services to cover the entire pipeline of the drug discovery and development industries. It is fully equipped to facilitate the drug R&D projects of global customers, offering comprehensive services ranging from early discovery to preclinical trials.

Phage Display & Engineering Antibody Development Services

With years of experience, scientists at Creative Biolabs excel at constructing high-quality phage display libraries and conducting custom phage display library screening services tailored to meet clients' precise demands. The services also involve specific antibody discovery, including PTM-specific antibodies, anti-idiotype antibodies, and agonistic antibodies, as well as peptidome discovery. Creative Biolabs' expertise and innovative technologies have successfully propelled hundreds of projects, contributing significantly to biomedical research and therapeutic development worldwide.

Through the creation of antibodies specifically engineered to activate the immune system and directing them to attack cancer cells, Creative Biolabs can ensure enhanced efficacy and safety profiles. Creative Biolabs now offers an extensive list of engineered antibody services, such as bispecific antibodies, antibody-drug conjugates, and immune checkpoint antibodies, among others. 

Featured Services in Therapeutics Discovery and Development

CAR-T Therapy
Creative Biolabs proudly boasts state-of-the-art technologies and meticulous methods to develop CAR constructs meticulously, often tailoring solutions to fit clients' project needs. The result is a collection of CAR products and solutions that provide remarkable beneficial functions to expedite many research projects around the world. Creative Biolabs provides comprehensive services and products for supporting CAR-T therapy research, as highlighted below.

Key focused solutions:

  • One-stop CAR-T therapy development services

  • TCR modified T cell development services

  • Canine CAR-T therapy development services

  • One-stop CAR-MA therapy development

Key types of products:

  • CAR & TCR vector products

  • CAR cells & CAR animal cells

  • Kits for CAR/TCR development

Gene therapy
In addition, Creative Biolabs boasts professional insights and technologies in gene therapy research and development. With years of experience in providing one-stop preclinical development services, Creative Biolabs has built a team of experts in gene therapy and developed a sophisticated and innovative gene therapy platform, and they are competent in providing a suite of gene therapy development services for global clients. The services include but are not limited to delivery vehicle development, potency tests, safety and toxicology analysis, and solutions for specific gene therapy development for diseases.

Animal Disease Models
Creative Biolabs provides diverse animal disease models to better investigate pharmacology and pharmacodynamics, including but not limited to genetically engineering models (GEMs), knock-out models, knock-in models, knock-down models, humanized mouse models, rodent tumor models, and NHP disease models. And custom animal disease models are available.

Creative Biolabs is dedicated to innovation and the adoption of cutting-edge scientific ideas, aiming to provide customers with convenient, efficient, and reliable services, along with high-quality products, to advance clients' projects.


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