Concentration of food and beverage samples containing volatile analytes

Genevac reports on how its evaporator systems are being used to safely prepare samples containing volatile analytes a wide array of food and beverage applications ranging from testing constituents of beverages and gluten levels in whisky, to pesticide analysis of fruit and vegetables as well as determining vitamin levels in cereals.

Quality and safety testing of food and beverages is an area of considerable importance where accurate analytical results are critical.  In common with many other applications, careful sample preparation is critical, especially when the analyte of interest is volatile.

Concentration technology in Genevac systems has been developed with leading analytical laboratories worldwide.  This, with key technologies like DriPure, ensures that samples are concentrated safely and rapidly. Many leading food and beverage laboratories have standardised on the Genevac EZ-2 and Rocket evaporators, often in conjunction with Samplegenie technology, because this delivers automation of sample transfer and gives unparalleled sample recovery and inter-test reproducibility with very low standard deviations. Samplegenie is a great aid to concentration because samples can be concentrated directly into the analysis vial.

The system detects when the solvent level enters the vial and, once validated, the method will then concentrate the sample to the required level.  If a precise volume is required in the vial, then the sample can be over concentrated and then made up to the desired level with pure solvent.

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