Cleaning product to combat coronavirus

With the death toll for the Coronavirus outbreak now rising a UK company has presented the product – and the independent test certifications – to show that it can kill and help prevent the spread of the virus.

Independently tested by one of the UK’s most accredited testing facilities – BluTest Laboratories Ltd– DuoMax is a complete bleach and alcohol free cleaning product incorporating a blend of non-hazardous ingredients completely harmless to humans, plants, animals and surfaces and proven to destroy Coronavirus.

Already used extensively across the NHS, HM Prison Services, the rail and travel industry, the product has already been proven to destroy and help prevent spread of the Coronavirus and has undergone extensive UKAS accredited laboratory testing to validate this claim.*

Manufactured by Bristol based company DuoTech Holdings Ltd, DuoMax works by piercing the outer membrane of a pathogen, dismantling and destroying the DNA and RNA and, as such, eliminating all risk of resistance. 

Successfully accredited to BS EN 14476 (2005) standard – and which confirms the product kills the Coronavirus –DuoMax is also proven to successfully kill other deadly diseases including Ebola, Swine Flu, C Difficile Spores, MRSA, and E.Coli, and has already been used successfully by charities in countries including Sierra Leona where deadly outbreaks of Ebola have occurred.

Speaking about the product, Brian Baker, MD and founder of the DuoMax product said: “We started out 20 years ago looking for ways to make an environmentally friendly cleaning product. 

“Fast forward, and in that time – thanks to researchers, scientists and environmentalists testing the product across the globe - we have successfully created a product which kills and helps prevent spread of deadly diseases like Coronavirus. We believe, getting in front of the right people and the right authorities we could convince them of the validity of this product and help in the fight and prevention of this deadly disease.”

The company is urgently reaching out to the UK Government and the Chinese Authorities to provide vital support to those countries and communities affected by the virus. 

And as Hong Kong, Mongolia and Russia close their borders and stop issuing travel permits to China, the owner of DuoMax is urging those officials within Public Health England and the World Health Organisation to enter dialogue. 

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