Cherwell to introduce new Redipor broth kit

28th June 2019

Cherwell Laboratories, specialist in products for process validation and environmental monitoring, will be introducing a new Redipor Broth Kit at the Aseptic Preparation and Dispensing Medicines (APDM) Training Course, 8-12th July. At the Leeds Trinity University located course and exhibition, Cherwell will be exhibiting a selection of its prepared media, including its brand new Redipor Universal Operator Broth Transfer Kit, and microbial air samplers. 

The new broth transfer kit provides all the key elements required to carry out an operator aseptic broth transfer test, making it very relevant to delegates attending the APDM course. This test is a standard assessment for operators engaged in the aseptic processing of medicines prior to undertaking aseptic preparation activities, as well as for routine operator monitoring.
The kit comprises of: a 50ml Tryptic Soy Broth (TSB) injection vial; three empty 30ml sterile injection vials; a 100ml TSB broth bag and one 10ml TSB ampoule. The EVA infusion bag included is particularly appropriate to TPN compounding.  All components are supplied by Cherwell Laboratories in a purpose-made corrugated plastic box, for ease of use.
Andrew Barrow from Cherwell Laboratories, who will be attending the event commented, "For some years we have been supplying many different presentations of broth for media fill simulations, including our customers' own bespoke containers. This year we have introduced the Redipor Operator Broth Transfer Kit as a standard kit which can be easily ordered from us 'off the shelf', as requested by the NHS."
The four-day APDM course is organised by the NHS Technical Specialists Education and Training Group (NHS TSET) and the University of Leeds. Designed to meet the training needs of personnel engaged in the aseptic processing of medicines, the course covers the principles and practice of asepsis and provides an update on knowledge of standards, practices and quality assurance arrangements relating to the aseptic preparation and dispensing of medicines. 





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