Certified contaminant-free sample vials

Waters has announced a new test protocol for its LC/GC certified vials along with a new addition to its line of TruView pH control LC/MS certified vials.
The LC/GC certified vials undergo a new and highly-sensitive UPLC-UV certification test at 195nm at a contamination level of <100 ppb to ensure that not just the sample vial – but its cap and septum too – are all free of contamination. Passing this test is sufficient to ensure contaminant-peak-free operation under typical LC-UV conditions.

The new TruView pH control LC/MS certified vials have a modified glass surface which limits the leaching of free sodium ions into solution. This limits a pH drift away from the neutral thus reducing unwanted chemical reactions and resulting ghost peaks. The vials also reduce analyte loss due to the adsorption of polar bases.

As much as laboratories try to eliminate the risk of producing erroneous results, more than 50% of customers polled by Waters report occasional or even frequent problems with contamination or ghost peaks. These latest editions to the sample vial portfolio help eliminate vials as a cause of out-of-specification results.

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