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are supplying innovative laboratory products to instrument manufacturers and distributors around the world.

Biotech AB – Great Fluidic Solutions

Biotech AB is supplying innovative laboratory products to instrument manufacturers and distributors around the world. Our mission is to empower you to design a unique product in the field of liquid handling and fluid transfer components for analytical, biotech and life science users. Biotech AB is a Global Premium Distributor for IDEX.

We specialize in fluidic systems and liquid chromatography and finding solutions to issues with gases and bubbles in fluidic systems. By using our advanced degassers, the laboratory can optimize the performance of its analytical instruments and chromatographic equipment.

No Troubles with Bubbles

Dissolved gasses in a fluidic system often cause troubles. When the pressure or the temperature changes, the dissolved gasses can form bubbles which affect the accuracy, precision and performance of your equipment.

On-line degassing technique use a semi-permeable membrane. The fluid is running on the inside of the degassing membrane, and on the outside vacuum is applied. The dissolved gases will then be transported through the membrane, while the fluid stays on the inside. This will reduce the amount of dissolved gasses and bubble formation.

Our latest addition to the DEGASi standalone series is the DEGASi® PLUS.
It can be equipped for a wide range of applications, depending on what kind of performance you need.

DEGASi® PLUS is a further development of degassers such as
DEGASi®Classic, DEGASi®GPC, DEGASi®Micro & DEGASi®Semi-Prep.

Amongst the benefits are:
– Much smaller footprint, L:230 mm, W:56 mm, H:107 mm
– Weight 6-channel version: 1.5 kg
– New vacuum pump using a smart board
– Very silent
– Available with 1-6 channels
– Parallel connected vacuum chambers
– Easier accessibility and visibility
– Easier troubleshooting and replacement of parts
– Short leadtime


We are an OEM business partner and part of networks of expert partners in academia and industry. The availability of this accumulated knowledge and experience is an important prerequisite for developing unique and customized products. Most of our instruments and components are manufactured for the OEM market.



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