Better lyophilisation results

13th January 2017

Posted By Paul Boughton

Benefiting from a -75°C condenser, the Series 3 HT Evaporator from Genevac enhances evaporation and lyophilisation results.

Drying HPLC purification fractions, such as water and acetonitrile, is a routine yet essential task in many pharmaceutical laboratories.

Typically labs require HPLC fractions to be dried to a powder form, such that samples can be accurately weighed, easily sub-sampled and re-dissolved.

To provide a rapid, high-throughput alternative to freeze drying of such samples - Genevac developed its proprietary fast lyophilisation (LyoSpeed) methodology for use on their HT Series Evaporators.

While the LyoSpeed has traditionally worked well for hydrophilic samples - difficulties may arise where the sample do not readily dissolve in only water.

The Series 3 HT Evaporator features an integral -75°C condenser as standard.

Operating at higher power than any other commercially available condenser, users of LyoSpeed on Series 3 HT Evaporators have reported that a greater percentage of samples yield dry powders than they have previously been able to achieve.





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