Automation-friendly reservoirs

Integra Biosciences has expanded its range of products to include 8 row and 12 column automation friendly reagent reservoirs, offering a greater variety of reservoir dimensions to suit the increasing diverse applications of automated workstations.

Laboratory automation is increasingly important, driving a need for reagent reservoirs that are compatible with industry-standard liquid handling platforms. The latest additions to the range of automation-friendly reagent reservoirs are especially designed for use with the Viaflo 96, Viaflo 384, and Minin 96 handheld electronic pipettes, complementing the popular 150 ml and 300 ml open well options.

The 12 column reservoir offers a capacity of 21ml per column and the 8 row version 32ml per row. Both configurations employ SureFlo anti-sealing array technology to achieve the lowest possible dead volumes. The new microplate-format reservoirs are available in polystyrene with a polypropylene alternative for improved chemical compatibility. Supplied in cases of 30 individual sterile units, the reservoirs are ideal for use with all SLAS footprint automated liquid handling platforms.

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